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The masterclass is a system which is part of the CEJ (youth employment contract) and which aims to help young people discover the job market, lock in their professional project and work on it by taking stock about their skills, their motivations and the obstacles they might encounter. Participants also have the option to sign up to the “job club” and/or “sponsorship” program for additional support.

The masterclass includes several workshops, some of which focus on improving the determination of personal needs, self-assessment of skills and monitoring progress. Participants would also explore what motivates them, their values ​​and their constraints.

To help define their professional project, the masterclass team uses the QQOQCP method, with a specific workshop that guides participants to ask the right questions (Who, What, Where, When, How and Why). The construction of the professional project involves the development of the plan, the establishment of priorities and the identification of the steps necessary to carry out the project.

The masterclass also addresses the business world and the skills sought by companies. Participants receive information about their rights and duties as employees, as well as employment surveys. They are also encouraged to explore job offers from companies in their region and to define their area of ​​research.

Part of the actions are focused on discovering companies, with a mission period in a professional environment (PMSMP). Participants have the opportunity to complete 2 to 5 day internships in a company and take a final assessment.

Finally, the masterclass ends with validation of the professional project. Participants are invited to present their career plans to a “jury”. The “job club” and/or the “sponsorship” program are cited as additional resources for ongoing support.

Presentation of the youth engagement contract of the local mission (France)

Terrinov présentation de l'initiative locale de la mission locale -Presentation of the youth engagement contract of the local mission (France)
Terrinov présentation de l'initiative locale de la mission locale -Presentation of the youth engagement contract of the local mission (France)
Support de présentation de la masterclass CEJ de la mission locale

MyLearn: An example of educational innovation in the Terrinov Erasmus Project

The Terrinov Erasmus+ program highlighted innovative educational initiatives, including MyLearn, a concrete example of an original proposal for young people from the Mission Locale de la Picardie Maritime. Presented as an educational innovation around soft skills, this initiative captivated the attention of partners, demonstrating its potential to enrich and strengthen the project as a whole. This enriching meeting around a video demonstrated how MyLearn can play a role in the development of professional skills and interpersonal skills of young people.


Sharing of Innovations


The Local Mission played a proactive role in presenting this educational initiative to the other partners of the Terrinov Erasmus+ project. This sharing of innovation aims to inspire, nourish the project with new perspectives and strengthen collaboration between partners around innovative educational approaches.

The Impact of MyLearn

During this presentation, the interest generated by MyLearn was significant. The partners expressed their interest in this educational innovation, thus highlighting its potential to transcend educational boundaries and reinforce the value of the project as a whole.

Presentation of the Young Coop initiative of the Mission Locale Picardie Maritime

Presentation of the Young Coop initiative of the Mission Locale Picardie Maritime

“The Young COOP “Altess” initiative was born from the desire of eight young people to create a democratic cooperative which allows them to carry out projects that are both useful and correspond to their expectations. With the support of the Mission Locale Picardie Maritime, they launched their activity in October 2022, relying on the principles of entrepreneurship, cooperative work and democratic decision-making. The Jeune COOP initiative thus responds to local needs, whether for services, products or events.
The Jeune COOP initiative has been able to evolve and adapt based on feedback from participants and evaluations carried out. She has thus developed a simplified method which allows young people to carry out their projects while respecting their desires and their abilities.
The Jeune COOP initiative also mobilizes different partners in the region – associations, communities, businesses, training centers, etc. It plans to develop new projects on themes such as the depollution of nature, outdoor sports, the fight against waste. and composting. Through these actions, the Jeune COOP initiative wishes to participate in collective well-being and the preservation of the environment.
The “Altess” Young COOP, created by the eight young people in October 2022, is a sustainable initiative that constantly seeks to improve and innovate. Thus, the Jeune COOP Altess remains faithful to its mission of emancipating young people and creating positive social value. »

Launch of the program

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